Easy Recipe for Gluten Free Pizza

September 29, 2009

Gluten Free Pizza

If it looks like a barbecue chicken pizza and tastes like a barbecue chicken pizza. Then it must be a barbecue chicken pizza.

And not only is it a barbecue chicken pizza but it is a milk, wheat, corn, AND soy free barbecue chicken pizza.

Who knew such a thing was possible? I certainly didn’t in the early days after being diagnosed with food allergies. I thought for sure my pizza eating days were behind me. And then I discovered Nature’s Hilights Brown Rice Pizza Crust in a health food store. I had never imagined you could make a pizza crust out of brown rice and potato. And yet that is the complete ingredient list in what has become a staple in my allergy free diet.

So, here’s the world’s easiest Gluten Free pizza recipe

1 Nature’s Hilight’s Brown Rice Pizza Crust (available at Whole Foods in the frozen section)

1.5 oz. of sheep cheese (also at Whole Foods…I like the peccorino or goat gouda)

5 oz. of Muir Glen Organic Pizza Sauce (though you can find this where the “regular” people shop, I actually found it’s cheaper at Whole Foods–crazy!)

thaw the crust in the refrigerator overnight

preheat oven to 500

place crust directly on center rack for 4 minutes

take crust out of oven and top with sauce and cheese

return to center rack for 7 minutes

To make a Gluten Free BBQ Chicken Pizza substitute 1/4 cup of JB’s Fat Bow Chipotle Barbecue Sauce  for the pizza sauce and add 3 oz of cooked chicken breast

Quick, easy, and delicious.


One Response to “Easy Recipe for Gluten Free Pizza”

  1. I was really excited to see this! I thought I might just be the only one on planet earth who couldn’t eat wheat, milk, soy, corn among other things. Will be giving this a try!

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