Whole Foods Gluten-Free Cooking Classes

October 3, 2009

If you live in Chicago, check out one of these upcoming classes at Whole Foods:

Gluten-free Baking (October 8- 6 p.m.) Whole Foods South Loop

Gluten-free Baking (October 11- 3 p.m.) Whole Foods Halsted

Travel to India (October 24-6 p.m.) Whole Foods Lakeview

Chef Susan from Cardamom Kitchen demonstrates the how-to’s for you and then you get a chance to sample the goods. Last month, I went to a gluten-free demo of hers at the Whole Foods on Halsted. Turned out I couldn’t eat the sugar cookies she made that day, but it was cool to be in a room with other people who face some of the same challenges that I do. Whole Foods has been doing a great job offering services and products for those with Celiac Disease. I’m super envious of my friends who can walk down the gluten-free bakehouse aisle and eat whatever looks good. So far, not a single product for me, but I’m going to keep working on them to expand their offerings for people with multiple allergies.


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