I thought my macaroni and cheese days were long behind me. I tried some rice pasta/fake cheese varieties when I was first diagnosed but they barely resembled the original. I heard a rumor that Amy’s Kitchen, the organic and natural food maker, was coming out with their own version sometime soon.

I was thrilled to find it today in the Whole Foods on Ashland.

Amy's Rice Macaroni

Looks great on the box, right? But the proof is always in the pudding. How many times have you opened one of those little frozen food packages to see that the food hardly resembles the picture on the box. Not today, my friends. Take a look.

mac and cheese

Ok, it doesn’t look EXACTLY like the picture on the box but trust me that has WAY more to do with my photography skills than how good it looks fresh out of the microwave. Perfectly creamy “cheese” and perfectly cooked noodles. And in only 4 minutes. I think if you served this to someone and didn’t identify it as allergy free they would ABSOLUTELY not know.

One of my biggest gripes about pre-packaged “allergy free” foods has been that they don’t take into account people like me who suffer from a combination of food allergies. I’m always slightly (maybe a little more than slightly) envious of my friend who has celiac disease and just looks for the words gluten-free and knows that he’s good to go.

Thanks Amy’s Kitchen for realizing that for many of us who can’t eat wheat/gluten we also have issues with milk and soy.

I hope this is the start of a wonderful new trend.