On top of finding out I’m allergic to just about every tree, grass, mold, pollen, dust, dander and so on out there I also discovered almost five years ago that I am allergic to milk, wheat, corn, soy and if you want to get really technical avocados, bananas, and peaches.

I’m not bitter. On the contrary, I’ve learned to tackle the challenge of eating out, eating in, and eating on the fly.

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  1. hey,
    just wanted to say thanks for the #ff on twitter. i’ve been doing some serious twitter surfing lately. although the diet hasn’t been as difficult this time around (in the last 2 years, there has been a huge change in the way the packages are labeled!)
    however, almost 5 years ago when my doctor first told me about celiac disease she didn’t really have much to offer me as far as getting started…she did give me a little bit of info and told me the name of a good health food store (which is no longer open) and gave me the phone number of a woman who runs the support group in my city. the group was geared more toward people who were already on the diet and it was rather intimidating. plus, at that time, the labels on packages didn’t really give any kind of reliable info and i felt tied down to the “health food section” at the grocery store and if that’s all you think you have as an option, GF living can be hell. i had no idea how much is out there that is gluten-free that already may be things i’m eating. i was literally thrown into the deep end of the gluten-free pool and i had no idea how to swim!
    however, this time around i’m armed with better info/knowledge so it’s been easier.

    so right now, i’m trying to get a little bit of info put together for my doctor. the twitter hashtags have been GREAT!! i think that’s a huge resource that people should take advantage of. also, i’m flipping through some of the blogs i’ve found that were helpful with reviews of products and different recipes.
    i’ve also been calling 800#s like crazy trying to verify which companies do gluten-free-friendly labels that list any ingredient (even if it’s hidden inside another ingredient) that contains gluten. that opens up a WHOLE NEW WORLD of shopping possibilities for people who are just getting started.
    i’ve gotten myself sidetracked šŸ™‚ i wanted to ask if you have any people/websites/blogs that you personally feel might be useful to someone with no experience in the GF life? i’d just like to give her (my doc) something that will make it seem like less of a death-sentence that she can pass along to patients.

    jennifer (art_is_bliss)

    • Liz Says:

      here are a couple of my favorite GF blogs—


      The new labelling laws help a ton and the selection of gluten free products is definitely on the rise. I think it’s sad how little some doctors have taken the time to learn about celiac AND food allergies. I had a great allergist when I was diagnosed and he really made me feel like changing my diet was going to make me feel so good that there was really no downside. Granted, I went through a period where I overate to compensate for all the things I couldn’t eat anymore but now (5 years later and 20 pounds lighter), I’m almost never tempted to stray off course. Eating THIS way is almost always healthier (even if that’s just a healthy version of a “bad” thing) and though it might cost a little more I’m pretty reluctant to go back to feeling terrible all the time.

  2. Carrie S. Says:

    I just came across your blog today and love it!!! Like you I have more allergies than I care to admit. In addition to Celiac Sprue, my food allergen list is rather interesting(in addtion to the wheat and milk, I also have melon, bananna, avacado, kiwi, and peanuts).

    I am headed to Chicago in July and would love to chat with you about various restaurant options in the city. Obviously Falafill will have to be on my list!

    Thanks again for provided an awsome blog and I look forward to reading on.

    • Liz Says:

      Glad you found the blog. There are TONS of great restaurant options in the city, would love to chat with you sometime. I’ll send you an email with my contact info. July is a great time to be in Chicago.

  3. Lewis Says:

    I help run the Larabar Blog and got a kick out of the Dear Peanut Butter Cookie letter. Please email me so we can send you goodies and/or feature you as the Fan of the Day on the blog. Thanks!!

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